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Quickly Locate Stock

  • Current dealer manifest is downloaded to the iPhone or Android immediately prior to starting the audit to ensure the auditor has an accurate picture of dealer stock
  • Quickly locate stock as sighted so missing vehicles are identified as fast as possible
  • Search using VIN, registration, dealer stock number
  • Configurable exception types ex. on-loan, on demo, at repairer, sold

Audit Status Immediately Visible

  • Auditors have a clear picture of the audit status
  • Drill down to specific vehicle lists: exceptions, sighted, and un-sighted vehicles
  • Support for multiple auditors working on the same audit
  • Audit reports can be emailed to Dealer Principal directly from the iPhone or Android
  • Single point of entry of audit details. Once the audit is complete it can be automatically uploaded to the backend wholesale finance system
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Integration and Reporting Tools

  • A digital dashboard provides an immediate and timely picture of all dealer auditors
  • Import of dealer manifest information can often reuse existing meaning nil to minor backend system changes
  • Delivery of audit and exception reports via email
  • Extensive productivity and audit summary reports available
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Hosted in the Cloud; Access from Anywhere

  • Q Auto Scan can be hosted within your network or in the “cloud”—no expensive servers are required
  • All you need is an internet browser
  • Access from work, home, or anywhere in the world
  • No IT involvement—all software updates, maintenance and backups are performed on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your business
  • Powerful role and branch based security
  • Data extract reports give you access to your data
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Customizable to Your Needs

  • Q Auto Scan is highly customizable either by configuration or by coding to suit your needs
  • Rather than “one size fits all”, Q Auto Scan recognizes that on some occasions a business needs specific functionality
  • Q Auto Scan will work with clients to design and build this specific functionality
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Common Issues

  • Do you experience delays in finalizing your floor plan audits?
  • Do you wish to complete more floor-plan audits with the same number of staff?
  • Do your auditors have the current manifest updated with the results of their inspection?
  • Is it available in a professional form to enable a quick and objective reconciliation with the Dealer Principal?
  • Do you have easy access to the management information derived from historical audits and their trends to enable better targeting and management of the risk?
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Common Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient audits
  • More timely results; vehicle manifests and audit results are communicated wirelessly in “real time”
  • Lower overheads through reduced manual processes
  • More accurate vehicle valuations in charge-plan and overdraft audits
  • More collections and better management of risks
  • Powerful management information—easy analysis of trends, exceptions and performance measures
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